Protesters block Penjwen’s main street over lack of electricity, kerosene

Prtoesters in Penjwen setting up tents on the towns main roads on Monday December 9, 2019 (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Residents in Penjwen on Monday (December 9) blocked the town's main roads to highlight problems with public services, especially electricity.

The protesters set up tents in the road and told NRT Digital Media that they would not let any vehicles pass. They were angry at the reduction in the hours of electricity provided by the government and that kerosene rations had not yet been delivered.

Penjwen is one of the coldest areas in Kurdistan Region during the winter and both electricity and kerosene are vital for heating.

There have been other protests over the lack of electricity and kerosene rations in towns across the Region over the last several weeks.

(NRT Digital Media)