Calf born with two heads, four front legs in Kurdistan Region

A calf with two heads and six legs is seen in this picture taken by villagers of Azadi in Garmian administration, Kurdistan Region, December 8, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — A calf was born with two heads and six legs in a village in the Kurdistan Region’s Garmian administration, the village’s leader said on Sunday (December 8).

Salah Mohammed told NRT Digital Media that the calf was born in Azadi village in the sub-district of Maidan.

In addition to the two heads, it also had four front legs.

Mohammed said it was still unclear whether the calf was born dead or had died shortly after being born.

“It was first such case we've seen in the village,” he added.

Many of the residents of the village raise livestock as their primary means of employment.

(NRT Digital Media)