Group steals 17m IQD in cash in Kirkuk robbery, salaries for directorate

The building of General-Directorate of Agriculture in Kirkuk

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SULAIMANI — A group of unknown men robbed a vehicle in Kirkuk on Tuesday (November 19) that was delivering 17 million Iraqi dinars ($14,258) in cash to pay employees at the local general-directorate of agriculture.

NRT correspondent Aso Ahmed said that the robbers stopped the white Dodge Charger that was carrying salary payments for the fifteen employees of the general directorate's Hawija agriculture section and then fled with the cash.

Police have started an investigation into the theft, but no one has been detained so far.

In a similar incident in March, several armed men hijacked a vehicle in Sulaimani that was carrying more than one billion Iraqi dinars (nearly $1 million) in cash to pay employees at a local hospital.

The security forces recovered the cash and arrested eight suspects, including the mastermind, in the following days.

The majority of employees in the Kurdistan Region and many places in Iraq are paid their monthly salaries in cash.

(NRT Digital Media)