Kurdistan Parliament launches investigation into Garmian court strike

The Kurdistan Parliament building (Photo Credit: NRT Digital Media/ File)

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SULAIMANI — In response to calls from the staff of the Garmian General Prosecution Office, the leadership of the Kurdistan Parliament decided to answer their demands and create a council to investigate the issues that led to a week-long strike at the office.

The council was created after some members of parliament requested that the legislature follow up on the case. The decision was taken on Monday (November 11).

The members of the council will be: Jalal Muhammed-Amin Ahmad, Rozhan Muhammed Karim, Kawa Abdulqadir Hassan, Arshed Hussein Muhhamed, and Robina Awimlk Aziz.

The Garmian General Prosecution Office ended their strike after a week of protest over their treatment by officials from the Kurdistan Region’s Judicial Council, which the strikers alleged retaliated against them for lodging a formal complaint about the head of the Garmian Kirkuk court.

(NRT Digital Media)