Turkish warplanes hit Darkare village in Zakho

The village of Darkare in Zakho (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Turkish warplanes bombed the village of Darkare in Zakho five times on Wednesday (November 6).

NRT Digital Media reporter Ahmad Zakhoy said that the warplanes began their runs early in the morning and are were still present in the airspace above the village in the afternoon.

Zakhoy said that the warplanes also struck the targets near Avla, Pivlan, and Khamter Mountain.

The damage is not fully known, Zakhoy said.

Turkish warplanes bombed Kurazhar Mountain in Duhok governorate’s Amedi district and the Khanasur community in Sinjar on Monday.

Turkish forces routinely attack parts of the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq, in an effort to counter the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The pace of strikes accelerated over the summer, as did civilian casualties.

(NRT Digital Media)