We have no any agreement with Syrian government so far: SDF

The Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazloum Kobani (File)

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SULAIMANI – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has not made any agreement with the Syrian government so far, the SDF Commander Mazloum Kobani said.

In a statement on Sunday (October 20), Kobani said that the SDF fighters had retreated fully from Ayn Issa and Ras al-Ayn cities.

“Turkey has not committed to the agreement and its attacks are ongoing,” Kobani said.

“Our withdrawal from Ras al-Ayn is the indication of our role in implementing the Washington-Ankara agreement.”  He said, “Washington has not rolled back all of its forces, but it has only withdrawn its forces from Manbij and Kobani.”

“We cannot accept Turkey’s aggression in Rojava.  Ankara should declare an all-out truce,” he added.

The US and Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement on Thursday. Under its terms, the SDF would withdraw from within 20 miles of the Turkish border and the US would not impose any further sanctions on Ankara.

(NRT Digital Media)