Syrian regime moves towards Manbij after agreement with Kurdish forces


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SULAIMANI — The Syrian army began moving towards Manbij on Sunday (October) and is expected to set up checkpoints soon, according to NRT Digital Media reporters.

Regime units moved into the area last December, following an earlier order from Trump to withdraw US troops from Syria, but had stayed outside the town.

Earlier on Sunday, the General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told the US forces that if the US did not protect them, they would resort to Russia and Syrian government for protection.

It was then reported that the SDF has struck a deal for the regime to take over security in Manbij and Kobane, with the possibility of a larger deal.

This came after an announcement on Sunday that the US had decided to withdraw nearly all of its troops from Syria, after only suggesting a redeployment to areas further south.

(NRT Digital Media)