Kurdistan Parliament calls on international partners to stop Turkish attack

Kurdistan Parliament building (File)

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Parliament late on Wednesday (October 9) asked the international community to use its influence to stop the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria.

“We condemn the Turkish campaign in Western Kurdistan and we ask them to provide an appropriate atmosphere to solve everything through dialogue” the parliamentary leadership said in a statement.

It also called on its partners, but especially the US, Russia, UK, and France to be decisive in managing an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe and attempt to create a chance for dialogue.

The Parliament strongly condemned any attack on civilians and emphasized that the war against terrorism has not ended yet and that Ankara's action were exacerbating the problem.

The statement called on all Kurdish parties to “leave their differences aside and work to deal with this difficult phase.”

The Kurdistan Parliament is set to hold an extraordinary session about the Turkish incursion and the situation in northern Syria.

(NRT Digital Media)