Garmian investment, customs officials arrested by police

A mixed picture of the Garmian Customs Directorate chief Hussein Ahmad and Investment Directorate chief Omar Muhammad

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SULAIMANI – Two senior government officials in the Garmian administration were arrested over the course of two days this week on charges of bribery and gross negligence.

Spokesperson for the Garmian Police Directorate Ali Qaduri told NRT Digital Media on Tuesday (September 17) that Garmian Customs Directorate executive Hussein Ahmad and Investment Directorate executive Omar Muhammad were arrested and charged with violating Articles 341 and 307 of the Iraqi Penal Code respectively.

The former statute criminalizes gross negligence on the part of officials, while the latter outlines criminal punishments for bribery.

“The arrest of the two directors is based on a lawsuit by the Garmian Integrity Court” Qaduri said.

(NRT Digital Media)