Customs income for Kurdistan Region approximately $5 billion per year, says federal official

But data not shared transparently
Border crossing in the Kurdistan Region (File)

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SULAIMANI – Head of the Iraqi Border Crossing Board Kadhim al-Iqabi estimated on Friday (September 13) that the customs income collected by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is approximately $5 billion per year, but said that activity at the Region’s border crossings was outside the control of the federal government.

“The biggest border crossing in the Kurdistan Region is the Ibrahim Khalil Border Crossing, but we have no data, either yearly or seasonally, because the [Kurdistan] Regional Government does not show us the icome data,” the federal official said in a statement.

“2,500 to 3,000 containers enter through Ibrahim Khalil every day. Other borders like Parwezkhan, Haji Omaran, and Bashmakh have different accounts,” he added.

Iqabi said, however, that the Board had estimated that the total customs revenue would be approximately $5 billion per year.

(NRT Digital Media)