Gorran to hold leadership elections for coordinator, Public Assembly

Following resignations

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 SULAIMANI — The Change (Gorran) Movement will hold leadership elections for several important posts over the coming days, including the party’s coordinator, executive body, and Public Assembly.

The election to select a new party coordinator and executive body will take place on September 14.

“Current Gorran coordinator Omar Said Ali and member of the executive body Shorsh Haji have both nominated themselves for the position of the coordinator,” a party source with knowledge of the plans told NRT Digital Media on Wednesday (September 11).

Meanwhile, the Public Assembly will also select new leadership following the resignation of the previous chair and several other members over the direction of the party

The source, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said that Jamal Muhammad, Nasrin Jamal, Dilkhwaz Kakarash, and Kurda Chawshin have been nominated for chair of the Public Assembly.

“Adnan Osman has nominated himself for the secretary of Gorran’s Public Assembly, while some others have nominated themselves for the executive body,” the source added.

The Public Assembly is an advisory body within the party made of up older and more experienced party members. It mostly handles internal party matters and provides proposals and recommendations to the National Assembly, which is the highest decision-making body in the party.

(NRT Digital Media)