Ezidi mass grave found in Sinjar near police station

Believed to contain remains of at least six people
Iraqi authorities open first mass graves of Yazidi victims of ISIS in Kojo, Sinjar on March 15th. [Photo courtesy of Khairi Ali Ibrahim]

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SULAIMANI — Director of the Ezidi Organization for Documentation Khairi Ali said on Friday (August 30) that a new mass grave has been discovered in Sinjar, near the main police station.

Ali told NRT Digital Media that the Sinjar police believe that it contains the remains of at least six Ezidis.

Since the beginning of this year more than 81 mass graves have been found around Sinjar and seventeen have been excavated, revealing the remains of 235 Ezidis.

Friday was also the International Day of the Disappeared, which honors and raises awareness about those killed during conflict whose fates remain unknown.

Islamic State attacked Sinjar in early August 2014, killing and displacing thousands in an act of attempted genocide against the Ezidi religious minority. Many women and girls were abducted and raped before being sold into slavery, while men and boys were either murdered or taken as forced labor.

Approximately, 3,000 Ezidis remain missing out of the over 6,000 who were abducted or disappeared in 2014.

(NRT Digital Media)