Two PMF fighters wounded in attack on base in Saladin's Amerli

Undated photo of Four Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) members

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SULAIMANI – Two Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fighters were wounded in an apparent drone attack that targeted a base in Saladin's Amerli sub-district on Friday (July 19).

The facility belonged to the PMF's 16th Brigade, which is mostly made up of Turkmen fighters, and is located near Tuz Khurmatu, according to the federal Security Media Cell.

“A drone dropped a grenade into the military camp, wounding two [PMF] fighters,” the statement said.

A security source told Reuters that an ammunition dump was hit, which caused a large fire.

Details about the attack were scarce and it was not immediately clear who was responsible, prompting intense speculation online about the provenance and nature of the attack.

The US Defense Department said that it was aware of the attack, but told a CNN national security reporter that “US forces were not involved.”

On Thursday night, a number of Islamic State militants attacked a PMF force in Amerli sub-district, but the militants fled after they were confronted. It was not clear whether that incident was related to Friday's attack.

(NRT Digital Media)