New Generation condemns Erbil attack that killed Turkish diplomat


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SULAIMANI — The New Generation Movement released a statement on Wednesday night (July 17) condemning a shooting at a restaurant in Erbil in which a Turkish diplomat and another person were killed and a third person was wounded.

“We strongly condemn this attack. We believe that incidents of this kind will only serve to increase tensions in the Kurdistan Region, which does not benefit anyone,” the statement read.

“Furthermore, we specifically condemn any attacks on diplomats and staff members of foreign organizations.”

The Movement said that attacks on diplomats and staff of foreign organizations would harm the Region’s relationships with other countries and undermine political stability and economic development at home.

“Attacks like the one that happened today will lead the international community to distance itself from the Kurdistan Region, making partnership and progress more difficult. It will also lead to reduced monitoring of political and economic developments in the Region,” the statement said.

It also urged the Kurdistan Regional Government to “urgently and thoroughly investigate this attack and bring the perpetrators to justice,” pointing out that it was responsible for the safety of diplomats in the Region.

(NRT Digital Media)