Civilian killed in Iranian bombardment on Kurdistan Region’s Bradost area (Video)

Wounding two others
Smoke rises from a mountain in Bradost area in the Kurdistan Region after Iran's army shelled the area, July 10, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — A civilian was killed by Iranian army shelling in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday (July 10), an official has said.

Imad Rekani, who works at the civil defense department, told NRT Digital Media that a girl had been killed and two of her brothers wounded during an Iranian bombardment of Bradost sub-district.

Meanwhile, NRT Digital Media reporter Abdo Hussein said that the Iranian army also shelled the villages of Kudo, Alana, and Gundzhor in Haji Omaran.

Turkey and Iran routinely carry out airstrikes and artillery bombardments in the Kurdistan Region against  suspected targets of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Iranian Kurdish opposition groups near the borders with both countries.

At least six people total were killed and ten others were wounded in three separate Turkish strikes within the borders of the Kurdistan Region in June.

(NRT Digital Media)

*Updated at 02:45 p.m. EBL time