Baghdad has sent 15 billion dinars to Kurdistan Region for farmers’ funding: official


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SULAIMAN I – Baghdad transferred fifteen billion dinars to the Kurdistan Region for the funding of the Region’s farmers in the first phase, the Iraqi Council of representatives Deputy Speaker Bashir Haddad said.

Haddad said that the funding arrived in the Region on Tuesday (July 9) and it would be distributed in the near future.

“We continue in our efforts until the whole funding of the Kurdistan Region’s farmers will be paid for the past four years.”

The federal government will totally receive 340 tons of wheat harvests from the Kurdish farmers for this year, as well as 192 billion dinars have been allocated to buy the wheat products from the Region’s farmers in accordance with the Iraqi budget law 2019.

The central government buys a large proportion of its wheat from domestic farmers, but the agriculture sector has seen high levels of disruption in recent years because of the war against Islamic State.

(NRT Digital Media)