Final decision on ministerial nominees by end of week: Gorran


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SULAIMANI — Head of the Change Movement’s (Gorran) government and parliament room Dana Abdulkarim said on Monday (June 24) that the party would make a final determination about its candidates for ministerial positions in the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet by the end of the week.

Abdulkarim told NRT Digital Media that 48 people had submitted applications for consideration and that a committee was reviewing them.

“Nobody has been selected [yet] for a specific position. We will submit the nominations to Prime Minister-designate [Masrour Barzani] with their applications after settling on candidates,” Abdulkarim said.

Gorran is believed to be in line for a vice president position, as well as deputy prime minister for reform affairs and the ministries of finance and economy, housing and reconstruction, trade and industry, and labor and social affairs. They are also expected receive the deputy minister positions in the ministries of education, interior, electricity, and municipalities and tourism, secretary-general of the Peshmerga affairs ministry, and twelve percent of the general directorate and consultancy posts.

(NRT Digital Media)