New Generation Movement to file suit against KRG, alleging budget transfers from Baghdad misspent


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SULAIMANI – New Generation Movement lawmaker Kawa Abdulqadr said on Friday (June 14) that his Movement will file a lawsuit against the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) next week over withholding three months’ worth of salary payments, despite the flows of the Baghdad budget shares to the Kurdistan Region.

Abdulqadr said that his lawsuit will be based upon the Iraqi budget legislation for 2019, because Baghdad’s budget shares for salary payments started from January not form the last three months of 2018.

“One of the other clues counts on the sixth reports by Deloitte company… the income of exporting oil by the Kurdistan Region was $2,150,000,000 for September, November and December of 2018 according to Deloitte, expect for the local incomes which amount to over $150,000,000 per months and the income of selling oil by tankers that amounts to millions of dollars along with the fund of the Coalition that its amount has not been revealed by the Kurdistan Regional Government yet,” he said.

“Baghdad sent 317,000,000 Iraqi dinars to the Kurdistan Region last year to be paid for the salary payments, thus the Kurdistan Regional Government should have distributed the salaries for January, February and March of 2019, compounding it with the incomes of exporting oil by itself, internal incomes and monthly funds by the Coalition, “he said by going on to say “spending the budget shares of 2018 for 2018 salary payments are illegal by all the means.”

He held the KRG accountable for withholding the salary payment sent from Baghdad.

“The caretaker government benefited the space generated after the start of the fifth term of the Kurdistan parliament, because the, [new] parliament cannot interrogate the [previous] government cabinet because it has not given confidence to it in accordance with the laws, thus they are laundering the Region’s budget  share and making illegal deals and corruption with it,” Abdulqadr said.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) had to send the Region’s budget draft legislation to the parliament in February according to the parliamentary by-laws to be rendered a law, but the caretaker government has not sent the budget draft to the parliament for years without any legal excuses in order that the lawmakers and the public would not aware of the budget and future incomes, which is illegal, the New Generation lawmaker was cited as saying.

(NRT Digital Media)