Kurdish farmers’ crops burned again in Kirkuk (Video)

Over 1,586 hectares of farmlands torched

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SULAIMANI — The crop field of Kurdish farmers was set on fire again in the province of Kirkuk on Saturday night (June 1).

A Kurdish citizen said in a video sent to NRT Digital Media that the crop field was torched at 11:00 p.m. in Alawa Mahmoud village in the province.

More than 15 Dunams of crop field belonging to the Kurdish farmers were also burned in Shakh Saiwan in Tuz Khurmatu district on Saturday evening.

On Friday, Kurdish farmers’ crop fields were torched in Prde town and Palkana village in Kirkuk.

A Kurdish villager accused the Arab families, who were brought to the Palkana village, of torching their crop fields.

Authorities in Kirkuk, however, blamed Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

Iraqi Civil Defense Directorate said in a statement on Friday that there were 189 firing circumstances during May 5-30.

“1586.6 hectares of farmlands were torched and 41171.8 hectares were preserved,” the statement read.

(NRT Digital Media)