Turkish strikes in Kurdistan’s Barzan area kill one civilian: villager

Smoke rises from the site of a Turkish airstrike Amedi (File photo)

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SULAIMANI — Turkish bombardment in the Kurdistan Region’s Barzan area has killed a civilian, a villager said on Wednesday (May 15).

Villager Mohammed Salih told NRT Digital Media that Kazim Ali, 50, had gone to Bote Mountain in Barzan area to collect wild vegetables.

Turkish warplanes bombed the area after clashes erupted between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Turkish soldiers, he said.

The Turkish army later allowed twenty civilians to go to the Bote Mountain to bring back Ali's body, he added.

Ali was a resident of Pendro village in the Bahrka sub-district of Erbil province.

Meanwhile, an NRT Digital Media reporter said that a Turkish intelligence aircraft crashed in a field in the Qadshe community in Amedi district. Turkish warplanes later bombed the area twice to destroy the plane.

Turkey has recently increased the frequency of it strikes on targets in the Kurdistan Region, which it says are part of an effort to combat the PKK.

(NRT Digital Media)