ISIS militants kill member of Asayish after abduction in Makhmour


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SULAIMANI — Islamic State (ISIS) militants killed a member of the Asayish (security) forces, after he was kidnapped in Makhmour district.

NRT Digital Media reporter Herish Qadir said that  ISIS militants abducted the Asayish member after he went to Qarachogh mountain in Makhmour district with three other people to collect truffles four days ago.  

They were later ambushed by ISIS militants, Qadir said. The militants abducted Bashdar Safar, who has eight sisters, after they found out he was a member of the Asayish forces.

The ISIS militants later freed the others, according to the reporter.

“ISIS militants looked into the mobile of the Asayish member and found out he was a member of the Asayish.”

The body of Safar has yet to be returned to his family.

ISIS militants released a photo of the Asayish member before he was murdered.

(NRT Digital Media)