Death toll of Mosul ferry capsize rises to 116, say authorities

An undated photo shows teams looking for missed people in the ferry incident in Mosul

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SULAIMANI — The death toll from the Mosul ferry disaster last month has risen to 116 authorities have said.

General-Director of Civil Defense Kazim Salman in Mosul said on Saturday (April 13) that two more bodies were found over the last two days.

"The teams are continuously looking for the missing people," he added.

Iraq’s High Commission for Human Rights said last week that the ferry had capsized because of a technical fault.

The boat was carrying 200 people to a recreational spot on an island in the Tigris River on March 21 before it sank.

It was the deadliest incident in the northern city since it was recaptured from Islamic State in a bloody and destructive conflict in 2017.

Mobile phone footage showed the ferry sinking into the muddy water and people shouting for help. Among the dead were some 19 children and at least 52 women, medical sources said.

Scores of angry protesters confronted Iraq’s president Barham Salih and the governor Nawfal Hammadi al-Sultan on March 22, forcing them to leave the site of the accident. The crowd threw stones and shoes at al-Sultan’s car, which sped off hitting two people, one of whom was taken to hospital.

Protesters blamed negligence by the local government for the accident. The boat was loaded to five times its capacity, according to a local official.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on March 24 to sack Sultan and his two deputies after Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi requested that they be dismissed.

A court in Nineveh governorate issued an arrest warrant for Sultan on March 27.

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