Three tourist areas swamped in Taq Taq after Little Zab flooding: official

Rise of water in the Little Zab has covered an amusement park in Taq Taq, southeast of Erbil. NRT Digital Media photo

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SULAIMANI — Three tourist areas have become totally swamped in Taq Taq because of rising water levels on the Little Zab River, the sub-district’s authorities said on Friday (April 12).

Head of Taq Taq municipality Farhad Mawlud told NRT Digital Media that hundreds of agricultural fields have also been damaged around the sub-district, located southeast of Erbil.

“The neighborhoods are safe, even if the water in the Little Zab rises more,” he said.

The municipality has requested compensation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), but has received no response, he said.

Heavy rains have hit the Kurdistan Region and Iraq over the past several weeks, causing localized flooding that has damaged homes, property, and farms and blocked roads between the cities and towns.

Member of Iraqi Parliament Sarkawt Shamsadin said on Thursday that the central government had decided to compensate farmers and property owners who have suffered damage because of the floods. The compensation scheme would include claimants in the Kurdistan Region.

Spokesman of the KRG Safin Dizayee told NRT Digital Media on April 1 that the government would not be able to compensate flood victims and suggested that local authorities should be responsible for handling any claims.

(NRT Digital Media)