Authorities say water flow high, unregulated at Dukan Dam spillway (Video)

Rise of water has reached roads and streets
Water of Dukan dam is pouring on the streets in the town, April 5, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — Water released from the reservoir behind Dukan Dam has begun flooding the streets of Dukan town, authorities said on Friday (April 5).

On Tuesday, water began flowing down the bell-mouth spillway of the dam after the reservoir reached its capacity. The spillway is an unregulated outlet designed to prevent too much pressure being placed on the dam wall as water builds up behind it.

As a result, Head of Dukan Municipality Pishtiwan Ahmed told NRT Digital Media that they had lost the ability to control how much water was coming downstream from the dam. Now water is starting to flood parts of the town.

“We don’t know how to deal with the rise of the water level at the dam because it is rising every moment,” he said.

The water is now reaching the street level in the town, he added.

The authorities called on residents to keep away from the fast moving water and called on police and the civil defense teams to provide assistance.

The water level in the Dukan reservoir has risen steadily over the last two weeks due to heavy rains. The water outlets downstream through the Dukan hydroelectric dam and into the Little Zab River, which then passes through Dukan town.

(NRT Digital Media)