Flood damage in Garmyan administration to cost 24 billion dinars to repair: authorities

Damage to roads, bridges, and storm drains
A general view of Daradoyn bridge between Sulaimani and Kalar, March 25, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — Flooding that caused severe damage in the Kurdistan Region’s administration of Garmyan will cost nearly 24 billion dinars ($20 million) to repair, said the administration on Thursday (April 4).

The Garmyan administration said in a statement that dozens of roads, bridges, and storm drains had been damaged in recent flooding.

“The poor condition of the roads is related to loads on the roads, earthquakes, and floods,” said Adnan Khalil, director of roads in Garmyan.

Heavy rains have hit the Kurdistan Region over the past week, causing localized flooding that has damaged homes and property and blocked roads between the cities and towns.

Spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Safin Dizayee told NRT Digital Media on Monday that the government would not be able to compensate flood victims.

Authorities said in October that flooding that caused severe damage in several areas of the Kurdistan Region had cost tens of billions of Iraqi dinars.

(NRT Digital Media)