Iraqi Agriculture Ministry lifts ban on potato imports


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SULAIMANI – The federal Ministry of Agriculture announced on Wednesday (April 3) that it has lifted the ban on potato imports because of decreasing supplies of on the local market.

However, restrictions on a number of other products remain in effect.

Spokesperson for the ministry Hamid Naif said that the decision was made to protect consumers because demand for potatoes is consistently high and the government wanted to ensure that they would be sold at an affordable price.

Naif said that in January the ministry had put restrictions on the importation of ten different agricultural products, including tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, cabbage, cherries, cauliflower, yellow corn, lettuce, courgettes, and potatoes.

The ministry actively monitors prices of basic commodities on the local market and either imposes or lifts restrictions on imports to protect farmers or consumers as the circumstances dictate.

(NRT Digital Media)