Iraq, including Kurdistan Region warns civilians of floods, rise of water

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SULAIMANI — The federal Ministry of Water Resources has warned Iraqi civilians of flooding and rising water levels on the Tigris River.

Minister Jamal Abbas al-Adli said on Saturday (March 31) that a significant amount of water would flow into the country's rivers due to heavy rains in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

Adli further said that seven provinces, including Basra and Wasit, and those on the Tigris and Euphrates could face flooding.

A wave of heavy rains has hit the region over the last week.

The General-Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology in the Kurdistan Region forecast heavy rains over the coming days.  

In Sulaimani, the municipality has called on residents to prepare for heavy rains on Sunday.

Emergency teams are prepared to respond to flooding inside the city, the municipality said.

Education directorates and universities in parts of the Kurdistan Region announced holiday on Sunday because of heavy rains and the possibility of flooding.

Meanwhile, residents in two neighborhoods in Taq Taq evacuated their homes in preparation for flooding along the Little Zab river.

Head of Taq Taq municipality Farhad Mawlud told NRT Digital Media on Saturday that he was informed by authorities in Erbil and Koya to warn residents of Ashti and Rizgari neighborhoods in the town to evacuate.

(NRT Digital Media)