Authorities in Dukan warn people near dam of rising water levels on the Little Zab

Dukan Dam to be filled earlier than expected
Dukan Dam

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SULAIMANI — Local authorities in Dukan district on Tuesday (March 26) urged residents and owners of tourist areas along the banks of the Little Zab to evacuate because the dam will be opened and water levels downstream could rise suddenly.

“The dam's reservoir will fill earlier than expected due to the continuous rain ... and the amount of water [to be expelled from the dam] could be out of control,” the warning statement said.

“The rising water on the Little Zab will be hazardous to your lives, property, and houses.”

Statistics released by the General-Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology show that during the season up to March 25 Dukan received 760.6 mm of rain.

Earlier, authorities in Taq Taq issued a similar warning for residents, saying that rising water levels could threaten lives and damage property.

On Monday, Erbil city received 0.2 mm of rain, Sulaimani city 22 mm, Duhok city 8.6 mm, and Halabja city 37.5 mm, according to the Kurdistan Regional Government's General-Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology.

Since the beginning of the rainy season, Erbil city has received 681.5 mm of rain, Sulaimani city 976.1 mm, Duhok city 906.6 mm, Halabja city 869.7 mm, and Kirkuk city 389.6 mm.

Mergasor District in Erbil province has received 1,836.6 mm of rain since October.

Local authorities in Ranya district said on Tuesday that the district had experienced its wettest winter since 1957. So far this year, the district has seen more than 1,276 mm of rain, compared with 635 mm last year.

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