Heavy rain causes flooding in Sulaimani, Erbil

Damaging property
Heavy raining causes floods in several areas in Sulaimani city, March 25, 2019.

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SULAIMANI — Heavy rains on Monday (March 25) caused flooding in parts of Sulaimani city.

NRT Digital Media reporter Shalaw Ali said that several houses in the Kanakawa  neighborhood had flooded, damaging personal property. Several other homes were evacuated because flooding was likely there.

Residents of the neighborhood told NRT Digital Media that they had asked the government to put flood prevention measures in place, but little has been done to improve infrastructure in the area.

The NRT Digital Media reporter said that civil defense teams were ready to respond and help civilians on the streets.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Education-West left it up to the directors of individual schools whether to hold classes on Monday, given the weather.

Flooding also hit several neighborhoods in Erbil on Sunday night with rain contining into Monday, according to NRT Digital Media reporter Herish Qadir.

Eight emergency teams from the Erbil civil defense directorate have been prepared to assist civilians.

Schools have also been closed because of the threat of floods in Darbandikhan, the city’s mayor said.

The General-Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology has warned that flooding could hit several areas in the Kurdistan Region due to the wave of heavy rain currently affecting the Region.  

In December, parts of the Kurdistan Region flooded and dozens of houses were damaged.  

This follows damaging floods in October, when heavy rains destroyed dozens of homes and several bridges were washed away in the northeastern part of Erbil governorate.

Authorities said later that the flood damage would cost tens of billions of Iraqi dinars to repair.

In May 2017, several neighborhoods in Erbil and parts of the Soran district were hit by severe flooding.

Last year, four people died as a result of flash flooding in Duhok.

(NRT Digital Media)

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