Over one billion dinars of employees’ salaries stolen in robbery in Sulaimani: police

Vehicle later found abandoned
Broken glass from the ambulance that was stolen during a brazen daytime robbery in Sulaimani March 12, 2019. (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Several armed men hijacked a vehicle in Sulaimani that was carrying more than one billion Iraqi dinars ($840,000) in cash, police officials said on Tuesday (March 12).

The cash was to be used to pay the salaries of employees at Shar Hospital.

Spokesperson for the Sulaimani Police Sarkawt Ahmed told NRT Digital Media that a number of armed men attacked an hospital van that was transporting the cash near Shahid [Martyr] Abay Mala Park in Sulaimani’s Malkandi neighborhood.

The security forces have arrived on the scene and launched an investigation into the incident.

A witness told NRT Digital Media that the armed men drove a Nissan Patrol vehicle with black windows and seemed to have been trained.

“The armed men used their weapons to threaten the driver of the vehicle carrying the money and stole [the vehicle],” the witness said.  

Reporting from the scene, NRT Digital Media reporter Bizhar Dabagh said that the armed men had opened fire at the hospital van and forced the driver to stop.

At the time of the incident, there were three people in the van including the driver, who were all forced to exit the vehicle at gunpoint by the robbers.

Dabagh said the hospital van was later found abandoned near Chia stadium on the Malik Mahmoud ring road.

(NRT Digital Media)

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