PUK and KDP sign agreement setting stage for government formation

After meeting in Erbil
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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) signed an agreement Monday (March 4) that paves the way for the new government to be finalized, according to reports.

The agreement is designed to be in force for the next four years. The parties developed an 18-point agreement early last month. The document signed today is supplementary to that.

After the agreement was signed by KDP deputy leader Nechirvan Barzani and PUK deputy secretary-general Korsat Rasul, the parties held a press conference and appeared positive about the agreement.

PUK spokesperson Latif Sheikh Omar and KDP spokesperson Mahmoud Muhammad did not go into detail, but said that the issue of the Kirkuk governorship was settled during the meeting.

The PUK and the KDP will reportedly make an attempt to form a joint list along with other Kurdish parties to contest the Kirkuk governorship.

“A commission will be formed to implement the agreement.” Shiekh Omar said. “The agreement was important, but what is more important is whether it will be implemented.”

Muhammad said that the parties would explain the agreement to the people after it has been implemented.

The parties also agreed that the federal justice ministry would be held by a PUK official, according to a source who requested anonymity to speak about the negotiations.

Additionally, the PUK will attend future sessions of parliament sessions and appoint its candidates for the ministerial positions and the Parliament speaker.

The KDP’s Vala Farid has been serving as speaker since February 18, but always with the understanding that she would step aside once an agreement was finalized between the two largest parties in parliament.

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