NRT Digital Media releases text of KDP-PUK agreement

Covering government formation, Kirkuk, Baghdad

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SULAIMANI — NRT Digital Media has obtained the text of the agreement between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that establishes the basis for forming the new government of the Kurdistan Region.

The joint KDP-PUK agreement includes 18 points that cover government formation and issues related to Kirkuk and relations with Baghdad.

“Both sides will try to complete the Kurdistan Region’s constitution during the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament and reconcile the variety of competing visions for the political system through the constitution. Both sides will support a program of decentralization under the supervision of the presidency of the Council of Ministers,” the agreement read.

The agreement adds that the government should accelerate the establishment of an oil and natural gas revenue fund in accordance with laws already adopted by parliament.

The KDP, PUK, and other parities who decide to the join the government will  have representation and protocol rights in the department of foreign relations, the Kurdistan Regional Government's offices in foreign capitals, and during official ceremonies.

In terms of relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, the agreement says that both sides will adopt the same position with regard to constitutional rights, the implementation of federal system principles, and solving issues related to the disputed areas, oil, natural gas, the budget, and the Peshmerga.

“A high-level committee between both sides will be formed to support the Kurdistan Regional Government's efforts to normalize the situation in Kirkuk and other Kurdistan areas outside the Kurdistan Region and to implement Article 140.”

On February 5, KDP and PUK officials met in Erbil and agreed to hold a parliamentary session and a meeting of the Kirkuk Provincial Council on February 18.

The parties are now expected to meet internally and approve the agreement.

(NRT Digital Media)