Four killed, 16 injured in car accidents in Erbil governorate

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SULAIMANI — Four people was killed and sixteen others were hurt in separate car crashes in Erbil governorate Wednesday (July 22).

Director of Erbil Traffic Media Fathil Haji said that the first incident began when a car overturned on the Erbil-Makhmur main road when the driver swerved to avoid a dog that had run out on the road. One person was hurt in the initial crash, which then attracted a crowd on the roadway.

Two cars then failed to stop and stuck the crowd, killing three people and injuring nine others, six of whom were listed in serious condition.

Haji said that the second incident occurred near Shakholan village, northwest of Erbil city. In addition to the fatality, five others were injured in the crash.

According to statistics from the Kurdistan Regional Traffic Administration, 1,386,214 violations were recorded in all governorates of the Kurdistan Region in 2020, along with 2,897 accidents and 432 road deaths.

(NRT Digital Media)