Gunfire reported as students carry on protesting in Sulaimani

Students protest in Sulaimani on Nov 23, 2023. (NRT Digital Media)

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ULAIMANI — The sound of gunfire could be heard in footage from student protests held in Sulaimani on Tuesday (November 23) that was shared on social media.

Security forces opened fire to disperse the crowds in the third day of demonstrations in which students from universities and institutes across the Kurdistan Region protested in demand of their stipends.

Students braved tear gas as they marched from Sulaimani University down Salim Street to the center of the city.

Peshraw Hamajan, assistant president of Sulaimani University, told NRT starting tomorrow students and employees will be on a two-day break at the university.

He also said the dormitories will be closed.

Some officials in the Kurdistan Region have spoke out in support of the students.

Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) Secretary General Salahadin Bahadin expressed concern on Twitter that the protests would have an effect on education and said the authorities should respond to the students.

A number of MPs from different factions in the Kurdistan Parliament have sent a memorandum to the parliament’s leadership calling for a special session to discuss student stipends.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) suspended the payments of student stipends, that help cover the cost of transportation and living expenses, in response to the financial crisis that began in 2014.

(NRT Digital Media)