Election Eve Finds New Generation Candidates Hopeful

5/11/2018 11:17:43 PM

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Stefano A. Ingannamorte
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After a flurry of impassioned, inspirational campaign speeches delivered in cities around Iraq by New Generation's dynamic president, Mr. Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir, the eve of election day in Iraq finds its candidates for political office optimistic about their chances to gain an element of political power in the Kurdistan Region; especially in its stronghold city of Sulaymaniyah, where the political movement was founded and is now based

Key to the new party's success, to include its ability to gain ever-greater political potency over time, will be its leaders ability to articulate a consistent message that resonates with the people of Iraq's most pressing concerns and aspirations, as well as one which serves to allay deep-rooted fears voters historically have relating to changing course; a challenge all political aspirants must overcome if they plan to enter the political realm and achieve their aims.

A part of New Generation's strength is its newness and lack of an alliance with any of the established political parties in the Kurdistan Region, which makes it a truly unique, progressive voice for positive change in the country. 

According to leading political candidate Sarkart Shamshuddin:"New Generation represents a paradigm shift in Kurdish political parties because it is not merely a division of an existing political party, but something truly new created from scratch." Mr. Shamshuddin added that New Generation was "the only political party in Kurdistan to vote against the disastrous independence referendum."

New Generation campaigns as a party committed to progressive values and presents a clearly articulated program for reform in the region that should resonate with all voters who are not supporters or recipients of the patronage system, which long has conferred political favors on the few, and in the process robbed the region's people of its rich potential to achieve sustainable economic vitality and to create a strong foundation on which democratic ideals may flourish.

Perhaps the preface to New Generation's visionary, long-term plan entitled Kurdistan 2033 says it best:

The Kurdistan Region stands at a crossroads: political decisions made today will have an effect far into the future. To successfully navigate these challenging times, Kurdistan needs a political movement that paves a path to a bright new future: one that strives to build an inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous region where human rights, individual liberties, power sharing, wise economic development policies, tolerance, and compassion are guiding principles. That movement needs to be unwavering in its support for these values and to eschew its long-standing systems of patronage.

Kurdistan needs to face its major challenges, with a willingness to take on the large and complicated problems that require constructive dialogue with the Iraqi government in Baghdad. The New Generation Movement’s proposals seek to eliminate tensions between Erbil and Baghdad with the aim of making Iraqi’s Constitution benefit all of its citizens.

A truly new day in the autonomous region of Kurdistan and greater Iraq awaits its chance to dawn. Ultimately, it will be the country's voters who will decide if Iraq will take a great leap forward, or will remain mired in the political mud that has rendered ineffective its past efforts to revitalize itself as a nation.


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