7 people detained after Shiladze protest are released, 10 remain in custody

Protesters storm a Turkish military base in Shiladze, northeast of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, January 26, 2019.

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SULAIMANI – Seven detainees were released Sunday (January 3) after being in custody for eight days.

The Volunteering Advocacy Team told NRT Digital Media that they were released after filing appeals with the Duhok Appellate Court.

“[These] seventeen people were arrested on charges of involvement in the Shiladze protest. Later they were transferred by the Duhok Directorate General to Zirka prison. There are ten [people] who remain in jail,” the team said.

At least one person died and at least ten people were wounded when protesters stormed a Turkish military facility in Shiladze in Duhok province.

The protests were in response to Turkish airstrikes that killed four people the previous week.

(NRT Digital Media)