KDP, PUK meet, but fail again to find breakthrough to forming new government

Kirkuk issue discussed
PUK spokesman Sadi Ahmad Pira and KDP spokesman Mahmoud Othman (Photo: Hersh Qadr/ NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — The politburos of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) met in Erbil on Monday (January 14), but again failed to achieve a breakthrough and form a new government.

KDP spokesman Mahmoud Othman said that they had formed another joint committee to conduct negotiations between the two parties.

“We, as the KDP and the PUK, have realized that we had better serve together. Moreover, we have decided to meet again and the committees will meet in the future,” he said.

Othman added that the parties have many disagreements with Baghdad about the issue of Kirkuk, so they wanted to develop a unified stance.

“We should look at the social situation of the Kurdistan Region and not through majority or minority like the developed countries,” he added referring to the tendency to see Kirkuk in purely ethnic terms.

The PUK spokesperson Sadi Ahmad Pira said at the press conference that the meeting was one that they had expected to have and that sometimes problems between the two are solved quickly.

He added that there was an anti-Kurdish mindset in Kirkuk, so the problems could not be solved without involving Baghdad.

“Our relations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party got difficult because of the issues of the Iraqi presidency, Kirkuk, and the referendum, but we will try to decrease the tensions,” Pira said.

106 days have passed over the Kurdistan parliamentary election. The PUK and KDP have met several times during that period for government formation talks, but they have not yet come to an agreement.

(NRT Digital Media)