Two days of mourning for woman, children who died in Chamchamal fire

People are attending the funeral ceremony of mother died in fire in Chamachamal, December 24, 2018.

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SULAIMANI — Local authorities in Chamchamal announced on Monday (December 24) that there will be two days of mourning for three children and their mother, who perished as the result of a fire last week.

“The Kurdistan flag will be lowered on all government premises in the district,” Chamchamal mayor Ramak Ramazan told NRT Digital Media.

A fire broke out in a house in the Chamchamal neighborhood of Asuda on December 16. Three children  – aged five, two, and one – all died that day.

Their 23-year-old mother, Sewan Qadir, was severely burned and passed away on Monday morning at Sulaimani Emergency Hospital.

The authorities are treating the fire as potentially suspicious.

Ramazan said that Sewan's husband, Dyar Majeed, had been arrested on orders of a judge, pending an investigation.

The family of Sewan Qadir accuses him of deliberately setting the fire that killed his wife and children.

Sewan's father, Qadir Nuri, told NRT Digital Media that his daughter’s husband should be punished in order to serve as a “lesson for all those who perpetrate such crimes.”

Police Spokesman in Sulaimani Sarkawt Ahmed said the investigation was ongoing and that one person had been arrested.

“There is ambiguity in the incident of the fire and an investigation is necessary. Only one person, who is the father of the children, has been arrested,” Ahmed said in a press conference on Monday.

“The judge is waiting for reports from the forensic judge, the civil defense [directorate], crime evidence [department], and the Chamchamal police.”

Meanwhile, Dyar's father called on people not to jump to conclusions and to wait for the court’s ruling.

 “I handed over my son to law enforcement and I want criminals to receive its penalty,” he said.

(NRT Digital Media)