Neighborhoods in Erbil hit with severe flooding, damaging dozens of homes

Rains to continue for several days
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SULAIMANI – Several neighborhoods in Erbil flooded on Thursday (December 6) due to the heavy rains that have hit the Kurdistan Region in recent days.

Between 40 and 50 homes were damaged in Topzawa Ahmadi village near the Zhian neighborhood on the south side of Erbil city, said NRT Digital Media reporter Ahmad Mustafa.

Residents there reported that floodwaters had destroyed their furniture and washed away some of their personal property.

The neighborhood often floods when it rains heavily, say locals, and that no civil defense teams came to help them last night.

“We have asked the Erbil municipality many times to resolve the issue, but our demands have not yet been implemented,” they added.

Residents of the village say that they have tried to build barriers to prevent flooding, but the most recent rains overwhelmed the defenses.

Several other neighborhoods were also affected around the city.

In October, municipal authorities announced that they had had undertaken a number of flood prevention measures. 

Weather forecasters have predicted that this wave of rain will continue until Sunday and for locals to be prepared for additional flooding in high-risk areas.

(NRT Digital Media)