Reveal details of KRG, Iraq oil export deal: New Generation MPs

Supportive of exports from Kirkuk
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SULAIMANI – The New Generation Movement caucus in the Iraqi parliament called on the Iraqi government on Saturday (November 24) to reveal the details of an agreement between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad to resume the export Kirkuk's oil.

“We support restarting exports of Kirkuk’s oil through Kurdistan Region’s pipeline to Ceyhan by SOMO,” the New Generation MPs said during a news conference in Baghdad.

They also said that they back any peaceful deal implemented institutionally between  the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region, but not ones based on personal understandings between politicians.

The New Generation lawmakers, however, called on the Iraqi government to disclose the details of the deal to the Iraqi parliament in the interests of transparency.

“The rights of Kirkuk governorate should be preserved in the petrodollar budget and the rights of the people should no longer be ignored. We are calling on the Iraqi government not to punish the Region’s people because of their conflicts with the Region’s leadership,” the statement added, in apparent reference to disagreement over the size of the share of the budget allocated to Erbil.

They added that the Iraqi government should transparently report all income derived from oil exports originating in the Kurdistan Region, in order to ensure that no revenue is appropriated corruptly.

In reply to a question about Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Masoud Barzani's recent trip to Baghdad, New Generation MP Rabun Maruf said, “it appears that there are strong relations between the Kurdistan Region’s politicians and the Iraqi government and they have no personal problems.”

He then added that, when problems do arise, they are because of personal problems between politicians and that the people of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq pay the price.

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