Mortar attack by ISIS wounds five civilians in Khanaqin

There were women and children among the wounded

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SULAIMANI – A number of people were wounded in a mortar strike by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in a village in Khanaqin late on Monday (September 17).

A member of Diyala Provincial Council, Zahir Tahir, said ISIS militants lobbed ten mortar shells at Qaya village and wounded five civilians.

Four of the wounded are members of the same family and there were women and children among them, said Tahir.

A number of houses were damaged in the attack and a police vehicle was set on fire, added Tahir.

Qaya is a village located in Khanaqin, northeast of Diyala, in a predominantly Arab-populated area.

The Iraqi government declared military victory over ISIS in December, after having expelled the militants from all urban centers they had held in northern and western Iraq.

But ISIS has not completely disappeared and sleeper cells have been fighting a guerrilla war against the government forces.

One day after they went missing in Khanaqin, four Kurdish individuals were found beheaded on September 10.

The leader of Khanaqin Council, Samir Mohammed Nur, told NRT that the young men were residents of Yousif Bag village near Khanaqin and accused Islamic State (ISIS) militants of kidnapping them the previous day.