Court trial postponed until June against woman who participated in Erbil protests

She participated in March protests

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SULAIMANI – A Kurdish woman who participated in March protests in Erbil has been sued and was set to face trial on Monday (May 21).

The court hearing against Shayan Askari, a medical expert at Erbil’s Nanakali Hospital, was postponed until June 25.

Speaking to reporters in Erbil, Askari said “I totally believe in court decisions, which is why I am ready to attend the court hearing and I will abide by any decision from the court because I know it will be fair.”

The trial was rescheduled on her demand until she retains a lawyer to defend her, she said.  

She is reportedly facing 200 million Iraqi dinar lawsuit in compensation for the claim by two people, although what harm they were claiming occurred was unclear at the time of publishing.

Askari joined hundreds of other protesters during a demonstration held on March 25 this year in the Kurdistan Region over the system of withholding salaries and economic issues.

Security forces wearing formal and plainclothes in Erbil and Duhok attacked a number of protesters and journalists during the demonstrations that last about 15 days.

She recorded a piece of footage which took over social media showing two plainclothes individuals one of whom aggressively approaches her and yells that she is a liar and not a part of people with special needs.