Komala of Toilers of Kurdistan member missing for four days in Sulaimani


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SULAIMANI — A member of the Komala of the Toilers of Kurdistan has been missing in Sulaimani for the last four days, his family told NRT on Saturday (April 17).

Smko Banafshi, 35, is from Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan. According to his family, he left the party’s office in that city on Tuesday morning and traveled to Sulaimani for a visit.

His car was found parked on the side of the city’s Malik Mahmood Ring Road near the Chwarchra neighborhood with no sign of damage or that there had been a struggle.

His family informed the Sulaimani Asayish about his disappearance, but was told that there was no information about his case so far.

Komala of the Toilers of Kurdistan opposes the Iranian government and operates in exile in the Kurdistan Region. It split from the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan in 2007.

(NRT Digital Media)