Iraq looks to continue strategic dialogue under Biden administration

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein (File)

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SULAIMANI — Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said on Saturday (January 23) that Iraq plans to call on the new Biden administration to continue the bilateral strategic dialogue begun under former president Donald Trump.

On June 11, Iraqi and US officials began talks designed to reevaluate and renew ties between Washington and Baghdad, particularly in the areas of security, terrorism, the economy, and energy.

“We will ask the new US administration to continue the strategic dialogue meetings and to determine a new negotiating team from their side,” Hussein said during a lecture at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies in Baghdad.

He added during his remarks that he would also ask to “discuss the security and military issues related to the presence of US troops in Iraq.”

The Council of Representatives voted on a resolution last January to oblige the Iraqi government to end the presence of foreign forces in the country, but no progress has been made on that end from the Iraqi side.

US troop levels have declined to 2,500 on orders of former president Trump however.

(NRT Digital Media)