Expropriation of customs income decreasing at border crossings: official

Spokesperson for Iraq’s Joint Operations Command Tahsin al-Khafaji (File)

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SULAIMANI — Spokesperson for Iraq’s Joint Operations Command Tahsin al-Khafaji claimed on Tuesday (August 11) that the expropriation of public income at the country’s border crossings had significantly decreased because of the recent push to bring customs procedures under the control of the state.

“Due to the procedures we have taken at the border crossings, the country’s income has increased and the wasting of public wealth has decreased,” al-Khafajo told state-owned Iraqi News Agency.

“A number of sides intervened at the border crossings, but they were responded to with law and force,” he said. “We will not let any side to contravene the system and the law.”

“The security forces are doing their jobs at the border crossings in a better way,” he added.

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi had thrown his weight behind an effort to bring the border crossings fully under the state.

For years, local tribes, militias, and political parties have used their control of the crossings to expropriate customs income and facilitate smuggling.

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