KDP, PUK promise to avoid tense media rhetoric and increase cooperation: statement


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SULAIMANI — In an effort to turn the page on months of friction, senior political officials from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) met on Tuesday (August 11) and promised to lower the temperature of their public partisan rhetoric.

Following a meeting in Dukan, the parties released a joint statement pledging to implement a bilateral agreement signed in March 2019 that governs their mutual participation in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet.

“Both sides’ media should avoid tense and harsh writing styles and publication in all media outlets,” the statement said.

“A special committee will be formed to help the Kurdistan Regional Government and further service the Kurdistan Region’s people,” it added vaguely.

Both parties also agreed to coordinate their efforts with regard to the ongoing revisions to the federal electoral law and early parliamentary elections.

The KDP and PUK electoral agencies “will study the topic in cooperation and consultation with their teams in the [Iraqi] government and the Council of Representatives and give suitable proposals to both political bureaus,” the statement said.

The two parties will also hold a meeting of their political bureaus in the near future under the auspices of the Kurdistan Region presidency.

Recent tensions between the two parties have precipitated a military stand-off in Zini Warte, accusations of spying, and procedural fights in the Kurdistan Parliament, all playing out in front of a backdrop of deteriorating economic conditions and personal rivalries between leading figures of the KDP and PUK.

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