Sulaimani court sentenced general director to six years in jail over malfeasance

Sulaimani Court (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Sulaimani Criminal Court sentenced the former head of the Sulaimani Execution Directorate and another employee each to six years in prison and demanded that they repay more than 1.9 billion Iraqi dinars after being convicted of embezzlement.

The probe was launched three years ago after 3 billion Iraqi dinars ($2.5 million) went missing at the directorate, leading to the arrest of the head of the directorate and five employees.

The court also ordered the release of the remaining four who had been arrested after substantive evidence was not found regarding their involvement in the case, according to a written document issued by the court.

NRT has learned that the missing cash had been allocated to pay insurance and make payments to children whose parents had divorced.

(NRT Digital Media)