Turkish warplanes bomb Mawat, igniting brushfire on mountainside

Latest strike on target in district
Turkish warplanes bomb the mountains in Qamish village in Sulaimani governorate, causing a large fire on August 7, 2020. (Photo Credit: NRT Digital Media/Screenshot)

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SULAIMANI — Mayor of Mawat district Kamaran Sharbazheri has said that Turkish warplanes bombed targets near Qamish village on Friday afternoon (August 7), igniting a brush fire on the mountainsides.

He told NRT Digital Media that the bombardment began approximately 1:00 p.m.

There were no immediately reported casualties, but local teams had not yet been able to access the area to assess the extent of the damage or fight the fire.

Turkey is currently conducting intense military operations in the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq, which it says in necessary to combat the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and affiliated groups, such as the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK).

Locations in Mawat district, which is located to the north of Sulaimani city, had been hit several times over the last several months.

On May 27, its warplanes killed at least two PJAK fighters in Mawat and then, on August 4, its warplanes bombed the edges of Kwerakani village, which caused damage to villagers’ property and farms.

Since then at least six civilians have been killed in airstrikes, including five in Duhok governorate and one in Erbil.

On June 25, a PJAK fighter was killed and six civilians were wounded in a Turkish airstrike on Kuna Masi town in neighboring Sharbazher district.

(NRT Digital Media)