98% of Kurdistan Region farmers’ wheat harvest taken in: official

A silo in the Kurdistan Region (File)

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SULAIMANI — Director General of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Trade and Industry Nawzad Adham said on Wednesday (August 5) that officials have continued take in wheat harvested by the local farmers for sale to the federal government, but that the harvest is nearly complete.

“Ninety-eight percent of the farmers’ wheat harvest was taken in. The funding [to pay for] the first part of the harvest has arrived and we will start distributing it,”Adham told the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) official media outlet.

“The silos in the Kurdistan Region continue to accept up to the amount of what the [federal] government has determined for the Kurdistan Region’s farmers, “Adham said. “We will take the whole wheat [harvest] in the coming days, which is 390,000 tons.”

“The payment that arrived before Eid [al-Adha] was 8 billion dinars ($6.7 million), which is the first tranche of payment for the farmers’ wheat. The money has arrived and it will be distributed,” he said.

Two billion Iraqi dinars will go to farmers in Erbil from that initial disbursement, along with 3 billion each to those in Sulaimani and Duhok, he added.

Last year, farmers of the Kurdistan Region protested several times over delays and cuts to their payments because of a payment dispute between the KRG and the federal government. Eventually, payment for the harvest was fully disbursed.

(NRT Digital Media)