KRG to set up pension accounts in each ministry: government spokesperson


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SULAIMANI — Speaking at a press conference following a meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Council of Ministers, Spokesperson Jotiar Adil said on Wednesday (July 15) that the government will set up dedicated pension accounts in every ministry to protect funding sources to pay retired public servants.

Adil said that the main purpose of the account is to preserve and protect the rights of pensioners in the Kurdistan Region. Each ministry will appoint a representative to a committee that will oversee all of the accounts.

Additionally, the cabinet discussed revised criteria for selecting directors of government departments, which would bring appointment regulations into line with the pension and salary reform law passed by the Kurdistan Parliament last winter. Under the new rules, directors must have a higher education degree and sufficient experience related to the position that they are taking on.

During the meeting, the Council of Ministers also approved a joint proposal submitted by the agriculture and municipalities ministers that would allow farmers to take legal possession of pieces of land that they occupy, even though the relevant legal mechanisms that would authorize them to do so have not been finalized by the government.

The two ministries argued that this would solve issues where people had bought land, but do not have the legal documentation to prove it.

(NRT Digital Media)